Dewey Nelson


After graduating from Cal Arts in 2005 I drifted around for a few years between the Island of Hawai’i and California.  While traveling I started sketching plans for a living space and studio.  After working and saving some money I began the process of applying for a building permit.  As I had never built a house before this process became a huge learning experience.  My friend Walt who has a good deal of experience designing and building homes was an enormous wealth of information. Walt guided me through the application process as well as providing me with a lot of hands on building help. When I was 18 years old I worked on a framing crew so I had basic building skills. This limited skill set certainly wasn’t enough to construct a house start to finish though. After a lot of research on line and at the public library I began to gain insight of all the subtle details building this structure would require. Learning from a few mistakes along the way also gave me a greater understanding of building a permitted living structure within the city limits of Prescott, Arizona. During the winter of 2008 my building permit was approved. Shortly after the approval I began laying out the foundation. After setting batter boards and fine tuning the squareness of the foundation I began digging the footings. When summer arrived I got a job on a concrete crew so I would know how to pour my slab. The slab for my structure was poured and finished with the help of the two men I worked for.  Soon after the concrete cured I began framing, at last the building was under way! For the most part I constructed my home on my own with little help. “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” has never rung so true. It has taken a few years but I feel good knowing that every aspect of this structure was constructed with  my own two hands.



2 thoughts on “Studio

  1. congratulations my friend. truly inspiring.

  2. Adrian Bryce; Assistant Dojo Master - Cocoa Paw Dojo on said:

    Dang, Dewey. What the fuck?

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